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   For those who would like to finish their own pieces (and save some money in the process), most of the pieces I create are available in an unfinished state.  That means that you will have to stain and finish the piece as you see fit.  Don't worry, there are a couple of links available at the bottom of this page that you can print off that will help you with the task, and I'm always available by phone or e-mail to offer guidance and expertise.
   Here is something else to think about... if you've always wanted a piece of furniture made of "premium" stock, like walnut, cherry or mahogany, this is your chance to save some considerable money on the project.
   As always, every unfinished piece is created out of SOLID wood, absolutely NO particle board or other crap,, handcrafted by me, and built to last a very long time.
   Take a look at the pieces that are shown here... they are only an example of what can be created.  If you have a plan, a picture, or an idea, get in touch with me.  Whether you are looking for a certain look, size or wood specie, I can usually handle your request.
   You will need some sandpaper, (80 & 150 grit), disposable gloves, a couple of brushes and some clean rags to accomplish this task.  But, you will probably be saving 30% - 50% of the finished price by taking this task on yourself.  These are materials that can be purchased at Lowe's, Home Depot, or any specialty woodworking store, such as Woodworker's Supply.
   Of course, if you look at these pages and say "I don't think so",, your piece of furniture is available fully stained and finished.  Please call or email for a quote.
Elegant yet stable, this side table belongs next to your couch, easy-chair,  
or possibly next to your bed. The top is a full 17 inches, which will easily
accomodate a lamp, remotes, books, glasses or whatever else happens to land there. The piece as shown is 26 inches tall,, but can be built to just about any specification, and can also have a drawer added if desired.  This piece as measured is available in oak, ash or alder at $139 per copy.
Handcrafted with visions of the past in mind, this Mission style coffee table combines the Stickley guidelines with the later period Rio Grande vision.  The table as shown is 20 inches wide, 18 inches tall, by 45 inches long,, featuring "bread-board" ends on the table top, and curved outlines under the table top.  A bottom shelf holds magazines or other household items.
This Mission style coffee table as shown is available in red oak, ash or alder at only $239 per unit. Matching end tables are also available.

A basic yet attractive coffee table for your living space.. Measuring 44 inches long and 18" wide, this table is built to last and affordable too !  Matching end tables are also available.  This  table as measured is available in oak, ash, or alder at $159 per copy.


Originally called a "Parson's table", and later a "sofa table", this piece will
 fit well just about anywhere in your home.  Whether holding a lamp behind your sofa, or keys, gloves or whatever just inside your front door, this piece will be a welcome and functional addition to your home.  Folks have also used this as a computer table, or an extra surface to hold dishes for a "pot-luck".  In addition, it's fairly lightweight and easy to move.  This unit features a large 18" X 48" surface, tapered legs, and construction that
will easily support 125 pounds.
This piece as measured is available in oak, ash or alder at $179 per unit.
Constructed in the Spanish motif, this unit combines negative space in addition to decorative router cuts to create an attractive pattern on the skirt of the table.  Functions easily as an end table or a night stand.   I've sold a few of these to people who want a small table on their patio or balcony (extra finishing required for weather).  This piece as shown measures 24" high with a 16 1/2" square table top.  This piece as measured is available in oak, ash or alder at $139 per copy. 
One of the most popular and most needed pieces is a bookcase, although a unit with shelves can be used for holding much more than just books.  Whether it be stereo equipment, "knick-knacks", or extra kitchen appliances like a blender, a piece such as this will fulfill your needs.
The bookcase shown above was designed to fit into a small space in a home study, with large shelf space which will hold law journals.  This piece does not have a back (to make the unit lighter, and to save on material costs),, but if you need to have a piece built with a back, it is certainly available....
Please call or email me with your ideas and questions.
This page is ALWAYS being updated... please check back soon !!
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